BSS provides an athletic program that includes Cross Country, basketball and track for boys and girls grades 5-8, Baseball for boys 7-8, volleyball for girls 6-8, and cheerleading for 8th grade girls. These programs are open to all students who meet the grade level and academic eligibility requirements.

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The Principal determines eligibility of students.

To maintain eligibility, students will:

  • Receive no cumulative grade of "F" or "U" grades in a class;
  • Cooperate with home and school in maintaining academic standards and Christian conduct;
  • Follow discipline rules as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook, classroom rules, and the school philosophy statement.

Students failing to meet eligibility standards will receive a written warning notifying them they have one week to improve performance, or a week's suspension will be issued. Warnings are to be signed and returned by parents to the principal. Parents and students, upon receipt of a warning letter, are advised to confer with the student's teacher to establish a plan for improvement. Students may practice, participate and play with the team/group during the warning week. At the end of the warning week, the principal will reevaluate performance. If it does not meet standards, a week's suspension will be issued. Students may not practice, participate or play during the suspension week. Suspension notification will be issued on a Monday, will begin on Tuesday, and end the following Tuesday. Special eligibility rules apply in the case of gross misconduct or violation of school rules.

A student must attend school the day of a scheduled co-curricular event in order to participate. Absences prior to weekend or holiday events may result in non-participation. The final decision is left to the principal.