Julie Scibona

2nd Grade Classroom Teacher


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High School: Illiopolis High School

College: Illinois State University

Degree: MS in Education

Years of Experience: 16 years at Blessed Sacrament; 26 years total

Grades and Classes Taught at Blessed Sacrament: 2nd grade

Julie Scibona








Welcome to 2nd grade!

Second grade is a fantastic year and one of tremendous growth! The 2nd graders enter as tentative readers and blossom into confident and fluent readers.They truly discover the wonderful world of books. They grow by leaps and bounds in Math, Grammar, Science, and Social Studies. They also learn Cursive (something they are always very excited about!) The best part of 2nd grade is that they recieve the Sacramnent of Reconciliation and their 1st Communion. It is such a delight to see their faith grow as they come to know more and more about the Lord.