Dress Code

DRESS CODE                     

All students are to be in uniforms during school hours.  All clothing is to be clean, neat and in good repair.  The principal will interpret the code and make final determination as to the appropriateness of clothing, shoe, hairstyles and jewelry. Infractions will be identified by or reported to the classroom teacher who will inform the student and complete the demerit form that will be sent home for parent notification and signature.  The principal will address repeated violations through the discipline policy.


Frustration at home and school can be avoided from the beginning of the school year when parents enforce the uniform code.  Uniform codes are designed to specify what “should be worn” rather than anticipate all the possibilities that “should not be worn.”  For example-dress trousers do not have side pockets or special additions that result in a cargo pants look rather than a dress pants look.  The best advice the principal, who is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the uniform code, can give is this: 





1) Shirts: (all students).  Solid white, collared, button-up polo-style shirt or all white turtleneck, or all white mock turtleneck; short or long sleeved. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Shirts may not have decorations, ruffles, extra stitching, logos, emblems, or brand names.  The only exception is a solid gold, white, and/or royal blue polo shirt with a Blessed Sacrament logo that is purchased at Sam Harris Uniforms.  These shirts may be purchased with “spirit wear.”  Only plain white T-shirts may be worn underneath the uniform shirt. 

2) Trousers: (all students).  Plain all navy blue dress trousers cuffed or un-cuffed, with regular pant leg style.  Trousers are not to be rolled at hem or cuff.  Leggings may not be worn as the uniform trousers.  Shorts: (all students).  All navy blue dressshorts may be worn until October 15th and again beginning on April 15th.  Shorts should be no higher than 3 inches above the knee.

3) Jumper / Skirt: (girls).  Uniform plaid jumper (all grades) and uniform plaid skirt (grades 5-8 only) with modestly appropriate hemline no more than 3 inches above the knee.  Girls are encouraged to wear shorts beneath their jumper or skirt.  All navy blue leggings may be worn underneath the jumper or skirt.  SKORTS may not be worn.

Rolling up skirts at the waist is not permitted.

4) Socks: (all).  Socks must be worn at all times.

(boys).  Solid navy blue, black, or all white.

(girls).  Solid navy blue, black, or all white anklets, knee-highs, or tights may be WORN.

5) Belts: (all students). Black, brown or navy belts are to be worn with trousers with belt loops.

6) Shoes: (all students).  Students may wear dress or sport shoes.  Uniform dress shoes and Uniform sport shoes shall be black, brown, and solid navy blue.  Shoe strings shall be black, white, gray, or silver.  Sport shoes may have more than one of those four colors.  All other colors are not acceptable and against code.  All shoes must be low cut and not cover the ankle.  Shoes may not have flashing lights.  Parents are encouraged to avoid shoes that leave black scuff marks on the floors.  Sandals may not be worn at any time.  Heelies (shoes with wheels in the heels) are not allowed

7) Sweaters: (all students). All navy blue, V-neck, pullover, or cardigan sweaters or sweater vests may be worn.  Students in 7th and 8th grades may also wear an all red sweater.  Sweaters may not have hoods or be made of fleece.  Sweaters should be worn at waist to hip length and not be oversized.

8) Sweatshirts: (all students).  A blue Blessed Sacrament logo sweatshirt is permitted.   Hooded sweatshirts may only be worn only by 5th  6th 7th and 8th grade students. They must be waist to hip length and should not be oversized.

9) PE Clothing: (all students) Clothing appropriate for physical activities is required for participation in physical education class.  Grades 2-8 shall wear a “spirit’ shirt for physical education.  Grades K-1 may wear their uniform shirt.  Students may wear sweat pants, modest shorts, and jogging suit pants.  The length of the shorts shall be school length, 3” above the knee. 

10) Hair: (all students).  Hair should be neatly styled.  Unusual, distracting hairstyles or distracting dyed colors are not permitted.  Boys’ hair may not touch the collar and may not be pony-tailed in any way.  Hair should be kept out of the eyes.  Lettering, emblems, or striping may not be cut into the hair.  Mohawks or spiked hair is not allowed.

11) Make-up: (all students).  Wearing make-up, perfume or cologne is not permitted at any grade level.  Girls may wear white or pink finger nail polish.

12) Jewelry: (all students).  Appropriate accessories are a watch, chain-type necklace or bracelet, a ring, and girls only may wear small post earrings that do not extend beyond the earlobe.  One earring per ear in the traditional lobe position only—no multiple pierces or cartilage or body pierces permitted.  Boys may not wear earrings to school or school related activities.  No visible temporary or permanent tattoos are permitted.

13) “Spirit Day”: (all students).  “Spirit Day” is usually the second Thursday of each month and will be listed on the official school calendar.  There are two options for appropriate dress: 1) students may wear a BSS “spirit” shirt or sweatshirt, jeans (no jeans shorts) and uniform shoes.  If the “spirit day” is before Oct. 15th or after April 15th, the uniform dress shorts may be worn.  Or 2) students may wear the regular school uniform.

14) Special Days:   Occasionally,special events occur when students are permitted to wear clothing outside the usual code.  Those affected include Brownies and Cub Scouts and various school clubs or activities—cheerleaders, athletes, and members of Student Council, and Scholastic Bowl. These occasions will be announced in advance. 


Review of Code: The uniform code may be reviewed in total or on specific issues by the Education Commission.


Availability of Uniforms: Not all retailers carry items that meet our uniform code.  Not all items purchased at a retailer mentioned below may meet our code either.  The key is to find clothing that meets our code regardless of vendors.


Lagron-Miller and Sam Harris Uniform are the only area retailer to carry the girls’ uniform jumper and skirt.  Vendors that supply the remainder of uniform clothing are K-Mart, J.C. Penney, Land’s End, Atties, Lagron-Miller, and Sam Harris Uniforms. Other vendors may carry specific items that meet the code.  This Uniform Code will be shared with the vendors listed above and any others that request it.


Dress Code