Zack Flynn

7th Grade Homeroom/Math - Middle School


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 High School: MHS

College: Bradley and WGU

Degree: Actuarial Science Math Bachelor and Secondary Math Certificate

Years of Experience: 7 years (all at Blessed Sacrament)

Grades and Classes Taught at Blessed Sacrament: 6-8 Math and Science

Zack Flynn

Homework is now posted on Google Classroom App.  Select the link for the correct class and subject.

6th Math: Study for Ch. 3 Test for Monday!    

7th Math: Lesson 2.3

8th Math: Review 8.5 - 8.6

6th Sci: Finish Fermentation Lab for monday

7th Sci: None

8th Sci: Work on Design Brief Lab!

Each homework assignment is attached to the notes at the very last slide.



STEM Saturdays!

I have a list of OSF prgrams available to sign up for on weekends if you wish to have your child participate that focuses on medical school for beginners, medical technology, and healthcare engineering.

Register at now!

These are the programs for middle school and also high school students:


STEM Saturday - Advanced Medical Visualization (9th - 12th Grade) 10/21/17  8 AM - Noon  $45/student

-Participants will gain appreciation of an interdisciplinary field that bridges the study of medicine, art, technology and communication to develop visual material for medical education.  The students will learn to appreciate the heart's form and function and how to put together a portfolio of their works.