Mary Beth Steinkoenig

Kindergarten Teacher


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High School: Regina Dominican High School, Wilmette, IL

College: Quincy College, Bradley University

Degree: BS in Elementary Education; 39 Master Hours@ Bradley University in School Counseling

Years of Experience: 11 years at Blessed Sacrament; 17 years total

Grades and Classes Taught at Blessed Sacrament: Kindergarten

Mary Beth Steinkoenig

Monday:  P.E. day-Please put P.E. shoes on upon arriving at school.


Wednesday:   Snack 

Thursday:  P.E. day-please put P.E. shoes on upon arriving at school

Friday: Snack =

The second semester of kindergarten is like a giant explosion of learning!  We will be reading more and more words, more stories, actually more of everything!  Your childs ability to focus on a given task has increased so we will be attending to tasks for longer periods of time. This should carry over to the home as well.  Your child is capable of more independence. Your child can sit and read/look at a book for 10 to 15 minutes independently. I encourage you to allow them to tie their shoes by themselves.  It may require more planning on your part because it will take them longer to get ready.  Providing these opportunities is an integral part of their growth and maturity.

The kindergartner should start using the skills they have been taught to sound out unfamilar words.  They need encouragement and a reminder that they can do it! Your child brings home a library book on Friday.  Please sit down with your child to read.  They can now help you! This semester will be a time of smiles as your child utilizes her skills to to read and explore.  Your job as parents is very important.  Please show your child the value of learning by taking the time to read or to do homework every night.  

Here are some possible suggestions:

Read your library book

Blending sheet practce

Handwriting: sound out words, letters, etc.

Addition & subtraction practice

number recognition


These are just a few suggestions.  The MOST important thing.... spending time with your kindergartner helping them grow.

Thank you!

MaryBeth Steinkoenig