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1st Grade Classroom Teacher


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Desiree Colvin

   Homework for the week of Oct 2nd-Oct 5th.

Monday-Math paper

Tuesday- Math Paper

            Read- What can you get for a nickel?

Wednesday- Math Paper

Thursday-Religion Paper

            Library books due today!!!

  Friday-  Read

Spelling test on October 25th.

Students will have a spelling test on these words:

Memory-, where, what, why, when, which, who

Pattern words-(-ath words)-math, path, bath, (-oth words)-moth, cloth, (th- words)- thin, think, thick (th- words)-then, them

They will have all of the memory words and one of each of the pattern words.

Please start studying with your child.  Have them write them at home like a test to practice.


Practice tying shoes with your child. By the end of October, I will not be tying students shoes.