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1st Grade Classroom Teacher


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Desiree Colvin

   Homework for the week of April 30th-May 4th

Monday- Math

          Read-Play Ball



Thursday- Math

            Religion paper

            Read Ups due by today!!!

            Library books due today!!!     

           Spelling test tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!        

 Friday-  Read 


Students ARE having a read up this week!!! Read-ups due by Thursday.

We are having a spelling test on May 4th!!

The 5 memory words are:  come, coming, they, our, put

The pattern words are: -all words: call, fall, small, -aw words:  law, saw, draw, -swn words:  dawn, lawn, yawn, -awl words:   bawl, crawl, shawl. They will have all the memory words and at least one word from each word family.

 Practice additon and subtraction facts and Dolch words.

Please have your child here by 8:00. They will not be charged for before care from 8-8:15.The entire school does the rosary in the gym at 8:15.

 Parents Program in Parish Hall at 10:00!!!